When Bill and I moved from Quadra Island to Campbell River, I swore I’d never move again. Never lasted until April of this year, when we bought a house with our daughter, who moved in with us at the end of November last year, and now we have our daughter and youngest grandchild literally under our feet. This arrangement suits us all, and the energy of our 6-year-old granddaughter keeps us on our toes.

Summer’s in full swing with visits from kids and grandkids interspersed with trying to come up with a landscaping plan for our ‘new’ front yard, which is currently weeds with a few tufts of grass. The weeds thrive while the grass dies, and I have to ask myself, why don’t we like weeds?  So far, landscaping that involves paved walkways, built structures that are both intriguing and extremely low maintenance, shrubs, trees, and decorative grasses that could form a no-maintenance hedge is the front-runner for plans. No grass. The second idea gaining ground, so to speak, is to simply throw a lot of wild-flower seeds on the ground and see what happens. It will fit right in with the dandelions and daisies because aren’t dandelions and daisies wild-flowers too?

Here’s wishing everyone a low-maintenance, high energy kind of summer.

Present and future pursuits include more writing, painting, editing and publishing, along with more swimming, laughing and loving. Because there’s always room for more.

More recently, I’ve bent my efforts to writing novels, short stories and picture books.

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